How to Build a Moat around your Business

In this webinar, Adam Witty, co-founder of BPR 360, will walk through how to, “Protect your business with one Simple Meeting Each Week That Provides Accountability, Visibility, and Alignment of all People.”

Over the last six weeks, the world has been thrown off its axis. One night we go to bed happy with a fat 401K and a profitably growing business. The next day someone pulled the plug on the US and Global economy. The coronavirus is challenging businesses and leaders in ways we could have never imagined. What actions do you take? Unfortunately, there is no playbook for any of this.

Since 2013, entrepreneur Adam Witty has led his company in a simple 60-minute meeting in which every key metric (both leading and lagging) is carefully tracked. Called the Business Plan Review, BPR, Witty and his managers use facts and data to measure performance and make adjustments each week. This meeting is a moat Witty has built around his business to give protection. Join us for a live webinar where Adam Witty will teach you how to better protect your business by launching your own weekly Business Plan Review meeting in just 5 simple steps.

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