Relentless Implementation Online Course

The purpose of the Working Together Operating System is to help businesses create a compelling vision, a comprehensive strategy, and a relentless implementation plan.

This playbook will help you do that. Additionally, this Playbook will help you distill your comprehensive strategy into One Plan. This workbook will also help you define your leadership team, One Team.  Finally, this workbook will help you build the operating system in which your One Team is working your One Plan to achieve One Goal: Profitable growth for all. 

The steps in using this Playbook are simple: 

  1. Gather your entire team. 
  2. Define your compelling vision.
  3. Draft your comprehensive strategy, your “One Plan” to meet your business goals.
  4. Ensure everyone understands their contribution to the plan. 
  5. Begin your relentless implementation plan by creating your Business Plan Review (BPR).
  6. Hold weekly BPRs to review team performance. Hold weekly SAMs to solve problems identified in the BPR.
  7. Adjust as needed.